Friday 19 October 2007


The legend must continue, so post your pictures of beardyman or just your affectionate messages on this very special blog...
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Beardyman said...

Beardyman will be appearing live on stage, 26-30 November, twice nightly (6.30 and 8.30), just over the River. More details to follow

teddyboy said...

See beardyman pictures at - this is the same group that will be abusing him at the end of November.

Miss it at your peril!

mrm said...

that is fantastic

RWH said...

As always, go to Wikipedia! Try the Mystery Play article.

teddyboy said...

You can always trust rwh to mention Wikipedia - the little devil!

Needless to say he is the absolute antithesis of beardyman (may his name be forever blessed) and with his partners in crime will try to undermine all that is good in our national treasure - beardyman!

(At a venue near Monument Tube Station)

RWH said...

Apparently I am the only one who has pictures of him. So here are a few more links - and to pics of me as well of course!

In each of the following pages, if you click on the link immediately below the picture, it will take you to a thumbnail gallery with more pictures of the object of your obsession.

* With a price on his head
* As Adam in 2006. He was Adam in 2004 with the same sack of a costume, fig leaf and spade. And he is doing Adam again this year - I'm glad I'm not type cast.
* With me in the middle of the picture.

Simon's site is not as so easily navigable. Each year below links to the gallery.

* 2006 - in the Shrewsbury fragment. I find it interesting that if he had continued with the fragment, he would have changed sex and become one of the Marys at the resurrection!
* 2005 - as Cain, shortly before killing me as Abel
* 2004 - as King Horrid, with me at far right as Melchizar. You can tell how high the average age of the group is: people said I looked like Prince Monolulu - and I am too young to remember him!
* 2003 - as Adam (again!)
* 2002 - did not take part - sick leave?
* 2001 - as shepherd Daw, with me as Mak who has stolen one of his sheep
* 2000 - as, surprise surprise, Adam!

He also played Adam in 1988. You can check the programmes archive yourself but as far as I can tell, he first appeared with The Players in the Passion play in 1983.

RWH said...

2007 performance pics are now available:

* As Christ being tempted by Lucifer
* and Adam - he gets a different Eve every year!

Beardyman said...

& as Adam Beardyman gets the same sack to wear each year!